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TIMBERLIFT is a new and innovative product designed
Timberlift for all types of hunters. Whether you are a busy weekend hunter who doesn't have time to construct a full tree stand or a traditional hunter just looking for a quicker way to spot your game, you will find the Timberlift an invaluable addition to your hunting gear. Physically challenged hunters will also find that the Timberlift is a great way to continue using a tree stand without the cumbersome climbing required with a traditional tree stand.

What makes the Timberlift such a good product? The Timberlift is...

  • Lift wheels are solid so that a flat tire will not occur.
  • Dual locking brake system assures that once your are at your hunting height you stay there until you release the brakes and lower the unit.
  • At any time during your descent just release the controls and you will stop.
  • Safety rail across the front of the unit keeps the hunter in seat. Safety rail also doubles as gun rail.
  • Seat belt included for extra protection
  • Motor driven system lifts you without waking the forest.
  • Nylon squeak-free pivot joints.
Easy to Use
  • Simple to operate, weather-tight controls.
  • Versatile - can be used on most trees 9 to 15 inches in diameter.
  • Adjustable on the tree.
  • Portable - has its own transport wheels for pulling by hand through the woods.
  • Instructions are kept nearby - contained under seat on unit.
  • Self-contained - everything you need folds into a 36" by 21" area.
  • Wench feature - will lift the unit onto an ATV or pull the unit up into your truck bed. Nylon ratchet strap required. (not included)
  • 12 volt deep cycle battery assures many trips up and down the tree. Crank included if battery is fully drained.
  • Gear over chain drive system assures long service life.
  • Battery can be charged overnight on the lift (charger included). Battery can be removed easily for charging.
  • Comfort - durable, weather-resistant seat which is laced to unit.
  • Advantage Timber camouflage pattern used on seat for maximum cover.
  • Powder painted for years of service.
  • Constructed of welded steel for duability.

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